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Welcome to Dwight Crane Ltd.

Take a look around and if you have any questions just give us a call!

Carry Deck Cranes

From 8 to 15 Tons we can help you with all your carry deck crane needs

Custom Lifting Rigs and Displays

Dodge Viper Display at the Toronto Auto Show.

No Job too small or too big!

Residential pool lift.

Custom Advertising

Custom designed and built fire truck for Schick Quattro advertising campaign.

Hoisting Accessories

Our in house designed Gravel Bucket, designed to be loaded with a skid steer with no spill.

Boom Truck Tractor Trailers

Crane and Transport Truck all in one!

Custom Car Lifting Rigs

Lift almost any vehicle with ease and no worry of damage!

LRX Trucks

LRX II on set.

LRX Clam Light

Designed and built by Dwight Crane, shown here in studio. Certified for Indoor and Outdoor use.

Entertainment Industry

Let us help with your special event in all venues. Crane shown here inside Rogers Centre Toronto, Ontario

Precise Lifting

Aeronautical Industry

LRX Mobile Lighting

LRX II on location in Louisiana.

LRX Lighting

Call today for a free estimate!

Aerial Lifts

Our 125' Articulating Boom shown with three LRX Singles in a underslung configuration.

LRX Singles

LRX Singles and Dwight Crane Underslung Truss

Reach New Heights with Lighting

Light almost anywhere with our wide range of Aerial Lifts and Cranes.

Mobile Cranes

We have a full line of mobile cranes to get your job done!

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LRX Singles

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LRX Singles - 6K - 12K - 18K HMI or 12K Tungsten


Weather Proof Robotic Fixtures

The LRX SINGLE is a complete robotic lighting system. The LRX SINGLE lamp fixtures are designed to work with existing cables, power supplies and industry standard dimmers.

Set-up is so efficient that it takes only minutes.

Switching the lamp fixture from HMI (daylight) to tungsten is handled automatically in the LRX SINGLE, all you do is change the bulb and power supply; the LRX SINGLE will do the rest. The LRX SINGLE is so versatile it can be used as a daylight source at the beginning of the day and switched to an incandescent source part way through the workday in a matter of minutes.

The LRX SINGLE lighting system comes complete with a robotic lighting head, integrated gel frame holders, DMX hardwire remote control, DMX cable and a shipping case. There is an optional condor mounting system and cable management system that is exclusive to LRX.

Each LRX SINGLE lamp fixture will accept a standard single-ended 6K – 12K -18K HMI (daylight) or 12K Tungsten bulb. For maximum unrestricted output, it is paired with a radiant-engineered parabolic reflector that allows the lamp fixture a smooth transition between a very narrow spot and a smooth wide flood.

The lamp body is mounted to our robotic yoke, which provides a wide range of tilt, pan, spot and flood functions from a hardwire remote control. The LRX SINGLE can be mounted on most aerial lifts, rooftops, grids, etc. Positioning the LRX SINGLE can be done safely and exactly where you want it.

The LRX SINGLE gel frame holder is mounted to the front of the lamp housing so that it moves with the lamp as it tilts and pans. The gel frame holder is engineered and constructed to quickly and easily accept any combination of colour, diffusion, and heat shield on a thirty-inch square gel frame. Light reflected from the lamp side of the gel is prevented from escaping outside of the housing, so that the light is exactly where you want it.


LRX - Extreme Temperature Correction Filters

  • ¼ CTO
  • ½ CTO
  • Full CTO
  • Steel Blue
  • Half White Diffusion (250)
  • Cyan 60

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