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We realize that we won’t learn much if we don’t listen to the people who use our equipment and services, which is why you can get a hold of us directly by phone or e-mail listed below. No computer-generated responses, no canned replies; just the people inside Dwight Crane that can help answer your questions and help you out when you need it.

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Welcome to Dwight Crane Ltd.

Take a look around and if you have any questions just give us a call!

Carry Deck Cranes

From 8 to 15 Tons we can help you with all your carry deck crane needs

Custom Lifting Rigs and Displays

Dodge Viper Display at the Toronto Auto Show.

No Job too small or too big!

Residential pool lift.

Custom Advertising

Custom designed and built fire truck for Schick Quattro advertising campaign.

Hoisting Accessories

Our in house designed Gravel Bucket, designed to be loaded with a skid steer with no spill.

Boom Truck Tractor Trailers

Crane and Transport Truck all in one!

Custom Car Lifting Rigs

Lift almost any vehicle with ease and no worry of damage!

LRX Trucks

LRX II on set.

LRX Clam Light

Designed and built by Dwight Crane, shown here in studio. Certified for Indoor and Outdoor use.

Entertainment Industry

Let us help with your special event in all venues. Crane shown here inside Rogers Centre Toronto, Ontario

Precise Lifting

Aeronautical Industry

LRX Mobile Lighting

LRX II on location in Louisiana.

LRX Lighting

Call today for a free estimate!

Aerial Lifts

Our 125' Articulating Boom shown with three LRX Singles in a underslung configuration.

LRX Singles

LRX Singles and Dwight Crane Underslung Truss

Reach New Heights with Lighting

Light almost anywhere with our wide range of Aerial Lifts and Cranes.

Mobile Cranes

We have a full line of mobile cranes to get your job done!

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Contact Information


Main Lines:

    GTA: 416-287-3107

    Durham: 905-686-3333

    Toll Free: 877-688-2110

Call one of our main lines to be connected directly to a Dwight Crane representive during regular business hours.

For After Hours Service, call one of our main lines and follow the prompts to speak to an After Hours Representative or to leave a message.

Regular Office Hours

    Monday to Friday - 7:00am to 5:00pm

    Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays - CLOSED

Dwight Crane Ltd. is a 24/7 service company. Although our offices do close we are available to you 365 days a year 24/7.

Aerial Dispatch:

    Colline Sandford

    Charmaine Cruz

Crane Dispatch:

    Tamara Cooper

LRX Lighting Dispatch:

    Ryan Tasker


    Karen Heaton: 905-686-6723 Ext. 233


    Howard Bode: 905-686-6723 ext.236




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Dwight Crane Ltd.
Send your inquiries to:


Attention: Customer Care

131 Dowty Rd

Ajax, Ontario, Canada

L1S 2G3


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